Cmder: A Hassle-free Console Emulator for Windows

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I spent most of my coding career using Windows but last 2016, I needed to start using Mac OS X full-time. The transition is quite smooth but one should get use to pressing the Command Key () instead of Control (Ctrl). After I got used to it, the ergonomic experience felt more natural as less hand re-positioning is needed.

Aside from typing experience, one major thing I like with OS X is the Unix command line. The commands are quite powerful and detailed. Also, if the user has experience with Linux, he/she would not have any problem in using the command-line of OS X.

Due to some circumstance, I needed to use Windows again as my development environment. How will I transition back to Windows? Am I doomed? *sobs*


  1. Should I just use the Windows Command Prompt? Definitely *pause* not.

  2. How can I have access to Unix commands in Windows?

  3. Should I just follow my old setup of ConEmu + Git Bash?

  4. Is there a more convenient tool or setup especially for software developers using Windows?

  5. How about the pleasing user interface from OS X?


Upon setting up my development environment for Windows, luckily, I found the Cmder tool!

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The tool answered all the concerns I mentioned on the previous section. Below are some of its features that I super duper love.

  1. Built on top ConEmu

    • Accessible ConEmu goodies i.e. tabs, tabs, tabs, and more tabs.
    • Layout and interface are still the same.
  2. Unix and Git commands served hot

    • Commands are automatically injected to the PATH environment variable.
  3. Look and feel

    • The Monokai color scheme is very appealing especially the grayish background.

Note: Git for Windows is only available for the full version of the installer.

Pro Tip: Just get the full version. It is really that convenient.


I have been using Cmder for quite some time now. In my opinion, the convenience and features that Cmder brings, makes it the best free console emulator for Windows.


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