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My Workflow for Editing Photos - Utilizing The Power of Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Wanting to enhance your photographs for free? Learn how I get started on post-processing my photos and have an overview of my photo editing workflow.

What is Your Favorite Focal Length? Determine Your Frequently Used Focal Lengths via ExifTool

A fun but inaccurate way to know your favorite focal length using ExifTool, Google Sheets and your huge amount of travel photos.

Appliance Shopping Guide - Three Cs to Remember When Buying Appliances

Three days left before the big 12.12 sale and you surely are excited with sale and promos. Before purchasing, read my guide for tips on how to shop wisely.

A Fast SD Card for Your Camera: Do You Need One?

Having freezing problems with your camera? Learn why I bought a SanDisk Extreme PRO and how I tested its performance for my Fujifilm X-A10 camera to help overcome the performance bottleneck.

Standardizing Your Wordpress Development Environment Using Docker

Guide on how to quickly setup your WordPress development environment using Docker. Learn more on how Docker helped me virtualizing LEMP stack in Windows.

DIY Dry Box: Affordable Way of Storing Your Camera Gears Safely

Do-It-Yourself guide on how to store your precious camera gears on a simple and cheap way using a dry box.




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