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Windows 10 User Profile Service Failed During Login - Quick Fix

Have you experienced a Windows login error before that’s not about an incorrect password? I ran into the User Profile Service service failed the sign-in! Check my post on how to fix it.

Toolwatch: An Easy-to-use Application for Measuring Accuracy of Your Timepieces

Did it ever occur to you if your mechanical watch is accurate? Let’s find out how the Toolwatch mobile application can help measure the accuracy of our precious timepieces.

Replicating Lightroom Mobile Defaults in RawTherapee - Can this be achieved?

Are you also a Lightroom Mobile user wanting to edit on a desktop computer? Check how I try to replicate the default output of Adobe Lightroom using RawTherapee.

Converge Fiber X 1500 Plus Still Available! Is It The Best Fiber Plan for You?

Choosing the right fiber plan that will best fit your home needs? Check out if the ongoing add-on promo of Converge Fiber X 1500 plan is the right one for you and your family.

My Workflow for Editing Photos - Utilizing The Power of Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

Wanting to enhance your photographs for free? Learn how I get started on post-processing my photos and have an overview of my photo editing workflow.

What is Your Favorite Focal Length? Determine Your Frequently Used Focal Lengths via ExifTool

A fun but inaccurate way to know your favorite focal length using ExifTool, Google Sheets and your huge amount of travel photos.




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