Converge Fiber X 1500 Plus Still Available! Is It The Best Fiber Plan for You?

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Last month, I received a notification from Converge that their add-on promo for Fiber X Plan 1500 is still available. I only need to add 99 PHP per month to upgrade my connection from 25 Mbps to 35 Mbps!

I highly recommend the add-on promo for existing Converge subscribers especially if you belong the following.

  • someone who wants a better value plan without breaking the bank
  • someone who loves to watch Netflix in 4K / UltraHD for added buffer (see bandwidth recommendations here)
  • someone who gets impatient in downloading large PC or console games and updates (Hooray for the additional 1.25MB/s)
  • member of a household (5-6 pax) that streams multiple high-resolution videos simultaneously

Amidst the pandemic, maybe you are planning to subscribe to a new fiber plan for your work from home setup. Choosing the right plan can be a daunting task because you will be sticking with it for quite a long time. Let’s find out if this is the right plan for you.

Internet Fiber Plans

Below are the lists of the plan offerings of Converge, PLDT, and Globe as of 09-August 2020.

The costs prepared only cover the base plan price. I did not include the contract duration and extras like installation fee, modem fee, and freebies in order to simplify the computation.

Let’s also assume that they all have the same reliability rate and level of customer support so as to not have any biases.

Converge Fiber X Plans

Plan Landline Price Bandwidth Cost per Mbps
Cost per Year
Fiber X 1500 N/A 1500 25 60.00 18,000 PHP
Fiber X 1500 (w/ Add-on) N/A 1599 35 45.69 19,188 PHP
Fiber X 2500 N/A 2500 75 33.33 30,000 PHP
Fiber X 3500 N/A 3500 150 23.33 42,000 PHP

PLDT Fibr Plans

Plan Landline Price Bandwidth Cost per Mbps
Cost per Year
Unli Fibr 1299 Yes 1299 10 129.90 15,588 PHP
Unli Fibr 1699 Yes 1699 25 67.96 20,388 PHP
Unli Fibr 2399 Yes 2399 50 47.98 28,788 PHP
Unli Fibr 2999 Yes 2999 100 29.99 35,988 PHP

Globe Unli Plans

Plan Landline Price Bandwidth Cost per Mbps
Cost per Year
Unli Plan 1899 Yes 1899 30 63.30 22,788 PHP
Unli Plan 2499 Yes 2499 50 49.98 29,988 PHP
Unli Plan 2899 Yes 2899 100 28.99 34,788 PHP
Unli Plan 3499 Yes 3499 200 17.50 41,988 PHP
Unli Plan 4999 Yes 4999 500 10.00 59,988 PHP
Unli Plan 9499 Yes 9499 1024 9.28 113,988 PHP


Higher Plans are Cheaper

All the plans of the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) above have more bang for your buck (lower cost per Mbps) as you go with higher plans. Should you just avail the highest / most expensive plan then? Definitely not!

You will be shelling out a LOT more of your hard-earned money and a regular household probably couldn’t fully utilize the bandwidth of these plans.

Note: It is also important to consider that you have your mobile data plan as well. Try summing up all your phone and Internet bills, you might be surprised how much you’re spending per year.

Affordable Plans

Amongst the affordable / lower-tier plans, Converge Fiber X 1500 with add-on is the most affordable one with the highest bandwidth.

But, Converge does not offer a landline. All PLDT and Globe plans include a landline which normally costs around 700 PHP per month.

You might be shocked once you see the huge drop of the price per Mbps after we factored out the cost of landline.

Provider Plan Price Price
(landline cost removed)
Bandwidth Cost per Mbps
(w/o landline)
Converge Fiber X 1500 1500 same 25 60.00
Converge Fiber X 1500 (w/ Add-on) 1599 same 35 45.69
PLDT Unli Fibr 1299 1299 599 10 59.90
PLDT Unli Fibr 1699 1699 999 25 39.96
PLDT Unli Fibr 2399 2399 1699 50 33.98
Globe Unli Plan 1899 1899 1199 30 39.96
Globe Unli Plan 2499 2499 1799 50 35.98

Turns out that PLDT Unli Fibr 1699 and Globe Unli Plan 1899 have cheaper bandwidth price than Converge Fiber X 1500 (w/ Add-on). *shocked*

Should you just go for PLDT or Globe, then? It depends. If you need or want a landine, definitely go with PLDT or Globe. Otherwise, go for Converge.


Every household / person has different needs and use cases. For our case, subscribing to Converge Fiber X 1500 (w/ add-on) is the right plan because we don’t need a landline. Even if the cost per Mbps is slightly higher, the total cost per year is still lower.

Remember to check your budget first before determining your wants. Also, don’t forget to include mobile data plans of every household member when budgeting.

Hope my post helps you decide! Stay safe!

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