Switching to Converge Fiber X: Is it Worth It?

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Internet connection here in the Philippines is not that fast and affordable as compared to other countries. Last March of 2016, we availed the PLDT MyDSL plan 1299 with a 2-year lock-in period. The plan includes a landline, priced at 700 PHP, and a 3 Mbps DSL connection.

Due to our usage that needed higher bandwidth, we eventually decided to look for better options after the 2-year lock-in period has lapsed.

Experience with PLDT

The MyDSL Plan 1299 is one of the affordable options if you are on a budget while needing a landline and an Internet connection.

Note: I am referring to the total amount of the plan in terms of affordability. But, a more affordable option does not always have a better value.

Overall, we’re quite satisfied with the reliability of the connection in our area. The performance of the connection meets the marketed specifications / limits. Below are some of our experiences during the lock-in period.

  • Pros
    • Total plan amount is the cheapest among the PLDT MyDSL plans.
    • Landline already included
    • Bandwidth is sufficient for web browsing
    • Video streaming in 720p is fine for single user
  • Cons
    • Very expensive Internet connection. We’re paying 200 PHP per Mbps.
    • Difficulty in handling multiple users especially when someone is streaming / downloading.
    • Downloads like updates of apps and games, would take a while to finish.
    • Uploads of larger photos and video files also take quite some time to finish.

What Were Our Options

  1. Upgrade to PLDT Fibr Plan 1899
    • Landline will be retained.
    • 20 Mbps fiber connection.
    • More affordable Internet connection.
    • Price per Mbps Ratio: 60 PHP per Mbps (1199 PHP / 20 Mbps)
    • Unfortunately, this is not available on our location. *sobs*
  2. Retain the PLDT MyDSL Plan 1299
    • Landline will be retained
    • 3 Mbps DSL connection
    • Price per Mbps Ratio: 200 PHP per Mbps (599 PHP / 3 Mbps)
    • Due to better value of options like the PLDT Fibr Plan 1899, we definitely would not retain this plan.
  3. Upgrade to PLDT MyDSL Plan 1699
    • Landline will be retained.
    • 5 Mbps DSL connection
    • Price per Mbps Ratio: 200 PHP per Mbps (999 PHP / 5 Mbps)
    • For this price point, best to avail the Fibr Plan 1899 but availability depends on the location.
  4. Switch to Converge Fiber X Plan 1500
    • No landline included.
    • 25 Mbps fiber connection
    • Price per Mbps Ratio: 60 PHP per Mbps (1500 PHP / 25 Mbps)
    • Same price per Mbps ratio as the PLDT Fibr Plan 1899, but without the landline.
    • If you really need a landline, this plan will be more expensive due to the extra 700 PHP landline fee from PLDT.

Computation Note: The basic PLDT landline is priced at 700 PHP and already deducted from the computations above.

Note: Sadly, we did not consider other providers like Globe and Sky.

The Decision

We have decided to switch to the services of Converge ICT and discontinued our PLDT MyDSL subscription. Unfortunately, we also halted our PLDT landline subscription because we need to pay an 500 PHP downgrade fee and we seldom use it.

Note: The 500 PHP fee is applicable for plan downgrades. But, if you will be upgrading your plan, there is no upgrade fee as advised by their customer support.

Experience with Converge

As of writing, we are using Converge Fiber X for about four months already and below are some our experiences with the Converge Fiber X Plan 1500.

  • Pros
    • Application is quick.
      • We got connected in less than a week.
    • Reliable connection (still going strong as of 29-July 2018)
    • Fast (relative to our usage) Internet connection.
      • Users are not affected when there’s an active download or stream.
      • No buffering when streaming videos, even in 4K.
      • No need to leave our home server / game console downloading overnight. (Hooray for less electricity consumption!)
      • Fast upload speed for large files to be uploaded on the cloud.
  • Cons
    • The administrator account of the router is not provided.
    • Seems like our connection is using a CGNAT. Sometimes, a web site is prompting a CAPTCHA as our IP address is suspected to have unusual traffic.

      Note: I have not verified if our Internet connection is really using a CGNAT. It is only based from observing our usage and forum references.


Without adding too much to our monthly expenses, positive experiences, like the ones above, are achieved. Our workflows are now more productive while gaining better user experience. Yes, there are some very minor quirks but we are satisfied with the performance and reliability of the Internet connection. We can say that our switch to Converge is worth it.

Note: If you find this article useful and would like to switch also, feel free to contact me for their current referral promo. I can earn a rebate for a successful referral which can serve as a token of appreciation.


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